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Scholarship Eligibility

As the leading Scholarship Fund in the Greater Lansing Michigan area, Dan Timlin’s Legacy Organization has been making a difference in the community since 1980 (through our Academies).

The Nonprofit was established in 2021.

At Dan Timlin’s Legacy Organization, we take pride in our long withstanding ability to impact the lives of those in need and help them reach their potential. Our contributions have been the talk of the town — and we’re proud to keep you in the loop about all our latest news.

Ways to Change the World

Scholarship Information

Who Is Eligible for Scholarships:

Any person under the age of 18 will be eligible for our:

Ninja & Dragon Class:    4, 5 & 6 years young

Juniors Class:                 7-10 or through 12 years young

Teen Class:                    Up to 17 years young

This nonprofit organization is grant driven.  We want to open these scholarships to:

  • Underfunded Children

  • Underfunded Teens

At a later date, we will open these up to:

  • Adults

  • Seniors

We will keep you updated on these available scholarships.  Check back for more information.


When are applications due?:

Depending on the grant we receive the due dates will vary.

This first grant application will be submitted and answered by April 2022.  You can submit applications at any time.  We will contact you as soon as we receive the grant from the organization(s).  We then will set a start date. 

How can you apply for these Scholarships?:

Complete this online application here on this website as soon as possible.

We will contact you if you are eligible, accepted or put on a waiting list.

What is included in the Scholarships?

  1. A semi-private lesson will be conducted for you.  This will introduce you to the procedures and process of the program.

  2. The first level, is a 6 a month Basic Program

  3. Uniform (Uniform Top, Uniform Pants, and White Belt).

  4. Basic T-Shirt (Ash color with the Academy Logo).

  5. Bag Gloves for the Boxing training portion of this course.

  6. If you live with in a 10 mile radius of the Academy we will provide transportation to and from the Academy for you / your child, after all waivers are signed and returned to the Academy.

  7. If you live outside the radius, we will provide a lap top and internet service if you do not have this.  The lap tops will be yours to keep.

  8. For those who need this, you can participate in our monthly Family Counseling sessions.  Those who can participate in these sessions are; students who are training, and their family members.

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